Stack and Build the Tallest Tower!

Imagine all those tall skyscrapers in your downtown being dwarfed with a single tallest tower escaping the clouds into the abyss. Imagine the grand architect and the builder of the sky-kissing tower, to be you. Not so fast kids! Constructing towers need accurate placement of building blocks and correctly stacked floors to make it stable and balanced. Are you up for the challenge?


We bring you the most fun, challenging and competitive tower stack game that will test your balancing and stacking skills to the brim. Stack the building materials accurately on top of each other, balance out blocks one at a time and create your ultimate skyscraper to reach the clouds, moon and beyond! Earn points as you stack higher and better. The higher you go, the faster and more difficult the blocks appear, if the tower topples its game over!


Don’t just stop there, boast your tower and your points on a universal leaderboard that has building enthusiasts around the globe! Challenge their scores and height or beat your own records.


How far up till your neck gives out? You tell us!


✨🌟 Our Towering Achievements 🌟✨

◆ Stack 100m.

◆ Stack 200m.

◆ Stack 300m.

◆ Stack 400m.

◆ Build 10 houses.

◆ Build 50 houses.

◆ Build 100 houses.

◆ Stack 100m with thee blocks.

◆ Invite 10 friends.

◆ Invite 40 friends.


Play FoxyStack in you language, it is available in 14 languages!


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