Space Assault


Are you fast enough?

How many aliens can you kill? Are you fast enought?


Space Assault is a shooting-game where you have to kill as many alien spacehips as you can before the time runs out.

The difficulty in the game starts easy and gets harder by time when more and more Aliens shows up.

Some of the aliens, if you're lucky, can drop some upgrades. The upgrades will help you kill the aliens and better your score. There's also a boss that shows 3 times during gameplay, kill it and you will gain bonus points! When the game ends you will find out your score and data about your run, and what you could have done better.

Submit your score to the global leaderboard and you will find out you preform against other players!




*Boss killer 10,000p

*Hunter 10,000p

*Sharpshooter 10,000p

*Combo junkie 10,000p

*Perfect run 10,000p


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